Where can I find my personal BT One Phone numbers?

You'll find your personal numbers (as listed below) in your welcome pack letter.

There’s an overview of all your numbers on the BT One Phone portal in the Personal info tab under My Subscriptions or in your Call Settings menu bar in the My Status section. On the BT One Phone Mobile app, select My Status in the main menu and you'll see your number listed at the bottom.

As a BT One Phone user, you get the following phone numbers. A call to any of these numbers will reach you on your BT One Phone device:

Mobile phone number (e.g. 07123 456 789)

Landline number (optional, e.g. 01234 567 890)

Extension number (e.g. 7890) - you can use extension numbers instead of the full mobile or landline number to make or receive calls from colleagues wherever you are in the UK.

You can have up to 5 additional numbers if needed which will reach you on your BT One Phone.


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