What are APN settings and how do I set them up to make data connections?

APN (or access point name) settings contain information that's needed to make data connections through your phone - especially internet browsing.

In most cases, BT One Phone APN and MMS (picture) settings are automatically set up in your phone, so you can use mobile data straight away.

If you need to update or check your APN settings for BT One Phone, go to your settings menu and find your APN menu. This is often found in the mobile network settings section.

Make sure your APN is set as follows-

Config option Configuration information
APN internet.btonephone.com
APN type Default

If you have requested the ‘Adult Content Data’ barring to be removed on your subscription, then make sure you update your APN to the following settings-

Config option Configuration information
APN web.btonephone.com
APN type Default

Note: if you need the adult content data removed please contact your BT One Phone Company Administrator

You shouldn't need to configure any other information.

If you need to configure your MMS settings, make sure they're set as follows-

Config option MMS Configuration information
APN mms.btonephone.com
MMSC http://mmsc
MMS proxy proxy.btonephone.com
MMS port 8080
APN type MMS

Refer to your phone's user guide for more information.


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