What can I use the BT One Phone dial-in service for?

The dial-in service menu lets you set-up and manage your features and settings from your BT One Phone. So, if you're ever in a situation where you cannot access the BT One Phone portal, the good news is that you can do everything on your phone using the dial-in service menu.

To access the dial-in service menu from your BT One Phone, just dial 8880, and the audio instructions will explain your options:

  1. Change your presence status.
  2. Listen to your voicemail.
  3. Set up your voicemail or your voicemail PIN code.
  4. Set up a ‘follow-me’ number.
  5. Manage your groups.
  6. Group manager admin functions.
  7. Create a BT Meet Me conference PIN.
  8. Listen to group voicemail.

Press * at any time to get back to the main menu.

You can access the dial-in service menu from another phone by calling 07953 223880 or +44 7953 223880 from any phone while you're abroad.

You'll need to make sure you've set up a VPBX PIN code.


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