What can I do on my computer with the alert client?

When you receive an incoming call and before you answer it, an alert client window will appear on your computer and allow you to-

Click Decline to decline the call.
Click Forward to forward the call to one of your colleagues or an external number.
Click Voicemail to forward the call to your voicemail.

To accept a call, you must answer it on your phone or a smart headset paired with your device.

While you're on a call the alert client window changes to show another set of in-call options. Here you can-
Click Decline to end the call.
Click Hold to put the caller on hold.
Click Transfer to transfer the call directly to a colleague.
Click Consultation to speak with a colleague before transferring the call to them.

As well as helping you manage incoming calls, if you right click on the alert client icon (in your tool tray), this also gives you access to a range of other functions-

  • Change User lets you log in to your own BT One Phone account if the computer has more than one user - just enter the same username and password you use to log in to the BT One Phone portal.
  • Select Send text to send a text message.
  • Open VPBX gives you direct access from the alert client to the call settings area of the BT One Phone portal.
  • To update your presence status, left click on the alert client icon and choose the relevant status from the Change status drop down menu.

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