How and when can I contact the BT One Phone helpdesk?

For the BT One Phone dedicated helpdesk call 0845 154 8844 (or 8844 from a BT One Phone) and select the required menu option. The number to use if you're abroad is +44 1923 723330.

If you've installed the BT One Phone mobile app, select Help in the main menu and tap on the Call helpdesk button.

There are options for orders, billing, faults and queries and for lost, stolen or replacement SIMs.

The helpdesk is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. For lost or stolen BT One Phone SIMs, contact us right away. We're open 24/7. This helpdesk is only for BT One Phone.

Or you can try any of these other sources of help:

  • You can speak to your administrator
  • You can refer to the FAQs that are available on the BT One Phone portal
  • You can contact us by email at

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