Manage permissions is the area where you can manage your user group and access for your BT accounts. You can add users and give or revoke permissions for your accounts to your user group. You are in control.

What is Manage permissions?

What's different about Manage permissions to how I access My BT accounts now?

What types of users are there within Manage permissions?

Where will I find Manage permissions?

What are the permissions I can control?

How many Super users, Admins users can there be?

How do I become an Admin?

Why do you send a PIN?

What happens if I don't receive my PIN?

I want to be an Admin but there is already one. What can I do?

How do I become a Super user?

I am no longer a Super user. Why?

I have logged in and I cannot see an account I used to have access to. Why is that?

How do I award or revoke a permission?

I am an Admin and I see a name in my list of users that I don't recognise.

What happens if the only Super user or admin has left without awarding the Admin role to someone else?


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