Why are you upgrading my Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft has recently released new versions of Office 365 for Business.

We’re currently upgrading all of our Office 365 customers. The upgrade will happen in the background so you don’t need to do anything. You’ll continue to use your existing version until we complete your upgrade. Your user details will remain the same.

We’ll email you as soon as your update is started.

Which product will I be upgraded to?

It depends on which version of Office 365 you are currently on.

Existing service Upgraded service
Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials
Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium

What are the changes to my service?

The following changes will apply to your existing Office 365 service:

  • Yammer, the private social network for your business to help collaboration between colleagues and employees
  • Up to 300 users can be added to your Office 365 account instead of 25 today with your existing service

All other features remain the same and will carry on working during and after your service upgrade.

We're improving the way you manage your service

We're improving the way you administer your Microsoft Office 365 licences by giving you access to the Microsoft Office 365 Admin centre.

The Admin centre allows you to administer your service more flexibly: set up your Office 365 mailboxes, reset your user passwords, set up your sharepoint, etc. It replaces the Manage Services page you may have previously been using.

We'll send you the details on how to connect to the Office 365 Admin centre once your update has started. You will then need to log in onto https://login.microsoftonline.com/ to access the portal.

We've also put together a document to help you using the portal in case you need it www.bt.com/o365admin.

I would like to add or remove licences for Office 365, how can I do it now?

Our new BT Business Apps platform allows you to see the Cloud-services subscriptions you have with us, including the new versions of Office 365.

Just log in with your usual BT.com credentials to access your account and add/remove licences to your service once you've been upgraded to the new Office 365 versions.

The way Office 365 appears on your bill is changing

As part of this upgrade, the way Office 365 appears on your bill is evolving.

The service will appear under Regular charges in the Other account-related items section of your bill.

Important note about Microsoft Access

This note is only applicable to customers with Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium: Microsoft has decided not to include Access in Microsoft Office 2016. This means it'll be uninstalled when your Office software updates to Office 2016. This is independent from your move to the latest version of Office 365.

If you've been using Access and you've now got Office 2016, your documents will still be there but you won't be able to open them with your current Office 365 licence - you'll need to buy Access 2016 from Microsoft.

Any question about the service upgrade?

If you want to discuss further about the changes happening with the upgrade of your Office 365 service, please contact us.


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