What is the Office 365 admin center?

The Office 365 admin center is the new platform where you can manage your Office 365 service; set up your Office 365 mailboxes, reset your user passwords, set up your Sharepoint, and more.

How do I get into the Office 365 admin center?

Just follow the steps in How do I get into the Office 365 admin center?

Which main features can I find within the Office 365 admin center?

Your Office 365 admin centre will look like the below. The left hand navigation bar provides you with all key administrative tasks available for managing your service.

Office 365 admin centre

Here are the key features & settings you can select if you're new to Office 365:

Section What can I find there?
Dashboard The dashboard is the landing page for your Office 365 admin center. You will find some links for some of the common tasks there.
Users You can create, modify and delete users within your organization. You can also assign Office 365 licences to your users, set permission levels or reset passwords.
Contacts You can create and manage shared contacts across your organization. The contacts you create can then be viewed by anyone in the organization and on any device.
Shared mailboxes You can create a shared mailbox that a group of people can use together to monitor and send email from.
Groups This is where you can create and manage security groups for your organization. This allows you for example to create groups of user accounts to which you assign the same permissions for easier management.
Domain In this section, you can add and remove domain names. This is where you can replace your existing onmicrosoft.com domain and replace it with your own company domain.
Service settings These are the most common settings affecting your users. It spans email, sites, meetings, software setup, and more. In particular, you can change the password expiration policy for your organization from the 90-day default and 14 day notification.
Admin Some of Office 365 features have their own admin center for their specific settings, for example Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Exchange. This section will allow you to get into each of them.

And there are even more features available, click here for more information.

My Office 365 service has recently been upgraded. I don't know my Admin password, what can I do?

You'll need to get in touch so we can provide you with a new Admin password for your account. Find our contact details by clicking the contact us link on this page.


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