How do I install the ZTE MF823 (ZTE logo)?

The steps below refer to the version of the MF823 that has the ZTE logo. Do not install BT Access Manager if you have this logo.

MF823 - ZTE logo

If you have one with a BT logo, follow the steps on the alternative page instead.

To install:

  1. Plug the MF823 modem into a USB port. Windows will detect the new hardware automatically and install an icon on the Windows desktop:
    ZTE Modem icon
  2. Once this icon appears, the dongle light turns blue or green
  3. You should now be able to access the internet connection by starting your web browser or other application.

If the icon doesn't appear ...

First unplug the dongle and try another USB port. Try surfing the web.
If this doesn't work follow the process below:

  1. If Autorun is disabled on your PC you may have to run the install manually.
  2. From the start menu select Computer.
  3. In computer you should find the drives listed there will always be a C drive and then, depending on your PC, other drives may be listed.
  4. Unplug the ZTE dongle - one drive letter will disappear - when plugged back in it should re-appear.
  5. Double click on that drive.
  6. Now double click the autorun application
  7. The install should then create the icon. As long as the dongle light is blue or green you should be able to use the device to connect to the internet.


pdf logo ZTE MF823 Quick Start Guide

You may need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.



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