What do I do if I forget my Mozy Backup password?

Only your administrator for Mozy Backup (i.e. the user who purchased the service on BT Business Apps) can amend the quotas set up for each device by logging onto the Mozy Backup Admin console.

How to log in to Mozy Backup Admin console?

  1. Sign in to BT Business Apps using your username (e.g. you@yourcompany.com) and password.
  2. On MyApps page, you'll find a logo for Mozy Backup: click on the small 'wheel' on the top right of the logo and select "Manage on Mozy".

  3. You will then be lead to the Admin console.

How do I change a user's password?

  1. A table listing all users and machines currently backed up within your account will be visible within the homepage of the console. Click on the email address of the users for which you want to reset the password.
  2. A section dedicated to the user will appear below, with a list of options on the right hand side.
  3. Click on "Change User Password".
  4. Enter a new password and reconfirm. The new password is now effective.