How do I port my number from another mobile supplier?

Bringing your number over from another mobile supplier (porting, as it's known in the trade) is pretty straightforward

  1. Ask your current provider for your Port Authorisation Code (or PAC).

    It has three letters and six numbers (ABC123456, for example). We need this to validate your mobile number with your current mobile supplier.
  2. Contact our service team.

    We'll confirm your PAC, the mobile number that you want to transfer to us, and the BT number that you want to replace (we'll have given you a BT number along with your new SIM card).
  3. We'll offer you the next available porting day (porting takes place Monday to Friday, excluding English bank holidays) but you can choose a later date if that's better for you.
  4. We'll contact your current supplier and let them know the porting date.
  5. We'll port your number.
  6. There will be some disruption to your mobile service when we transfer the number to us. We'll try to lessen the impact by making sure, where possible, that you can still make outgoing calls (either on the number that you're transferring to us or the number you're replacing).

    Unfortunately, you will be unable to receive incoming calls for a while during the porting day. We aim to keep this to a minimum but please make alternative arrangements on the port date if you are expecting calls.

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