What do I need to know about the €50 cap on international data roaming on BT Business Mobile?

If you've agreed, we've opted you out of the spending cap and alerts for data roaming outside the UK of €50 a month (ex VAT). You can opt back into the cap and alert at any time but need to be aware of what this means for your plan.

What does this mean?

By being opted out of the data spend cap:

  • You will be able to use your full UK data allowance in the EU and your out of allowance data usage in the EU won't be stopped at €50
  • Your usage in the rest of the world will also not be stopped at €50
  • You will not receive any regulated usage alerts when roaming in the EU and Rest of World (data in the rest of the world is charged at £4 per MB)

What happens if I opt back into the spend cap?

  • Your data usage in the EU will be capped at the data equivalent of €50 chargeable usage regardless of how much inclusive EU data you have available on your plan
  • We will alert you whilst roaming in the EU and Rest of World when you reach 80% and 100% of the spend cap

How do I opt back in to the spend cap?

Just call the appropriate helpdesk:

  • Customers with more than 100 BT Business Mobile phones 0800 085 8754
  • All other business customers please use the Contact us button near the bottom of this page

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