Setting up SMTP authentication - Eudora Mac users

SMTP authentication allows us to check that only legitimate BT customers send email through our outgoing mail servers. This allows us to control spam and viruses sent through our outgoing mail servers and to protect your email service.

If you are accessing the Internet via a BT Business connection and wish to send email through the BT Business email servers, then it is recommended that you activate SMTP authentication for any email account (or attached email alias) when using a standalone email client such as Outlook.

If you wish to send email from a domain email address hosted by a third party (E.g., which has been registered as a mail relay with BT Business, then you must activate SMTP authentication.

If you are accessing the internet via another Internet Service Provider (ISP), but want to send email through our outgoing mail server using your BT Business email address, alias, or registered mail relay then you must activate SMTP authentication.

To set up email authentication please follow the steps below:

1. Open Eudora
2. Click on Sending Mail
3. To enable SMTP authentication, click the Personalities setting on the left
4. Under Sending mail
  Ensure the SMTP server is
  Make sure the Allow authorization box is ticked
5. Click OK

You have completed the process to add SMTP authentication to your incoming email which, together with the other changes we are making to our network, will help us to further reduce email spam.

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