What are internet connection speeds measured in?

The speed of your connection will be based on a number of factors such as connecting using fibre or copper cables, distance from the connection cabinet and line quality.

  • The maximum rate at which data can be received over an internet connection is known as the downstream bandwidth. The maximum rate at which data can be sent is known as the upstream bandwidth.
  • As most people download more data than they upload, the downstream bandwidth is higher than the upstream bandwidth. So it's the downstream bandwidth that's measured when you first connect to the Internet.

A BT Business Infinity connection could provide a download speed of 76Mbps and an upload speed of 19Mbps. This is typically 6 times faster than the UK average speed which is 12Mbps downstream.

At this speed downloading large files, such as 500Mb of photos taken by a colleague working in a different location, would download in less than 10 seconds  

Upload a video to your internet site, where the video is 60Mb, would take just over 3 seconds to upload if your connection was running at 19Mbps.

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