Norton AntiVirus conflicts with my POP3 setup

Microsoft ends its support for Windows XP inc Outlook Express, find out more.

When you install Norton AntiVirus it replaces the existing incoming mail server entry in your email software with the IP address '' or ''. This causes a conflict with your BT Business Email settings and when you open your email software an error message which reads 'POP3 server has not responded in 60 seconds' is displayed.

You should re-enter the POP3 settings and ensure that you enable the 'Auto-Protect' option in Norton AntiVirus.

To configure your email software, choose one of the following options:

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Choose E-mail Accounts... from the Tools menu.
    The Email Accounts window is displayed.
  3. Select the View or change existing e-mail accounts radio button.
    The second Email Accounts window is displayed showing the accounts pane.
  4. Highlight your BT account and click Change.
    The Internet Email Settings (POP3) window is displayed. 
  5. Delete the entry in the 'Incoming mail server' field and replace with
  6. Click Next, then click Finish.
    The settings are saved.

If you are an Outlook Express user

  1. Choose Accounts... from the Tools menu.
    The Internet Accounts window is displayed.
  2. Open Outlook Express.
  3. Click the Mail tab.
  4. Highlight the required account and click the Properties button.
  5. The Properties windows is displayed with the General tab selected.
  6. Click the Servers tab to display the POP3 and SMTP information. 
  7. Delete the unwanted or entry from the 'Incoming mail' field and replace with
  8. Click the OK button, then click Close.
    The settings are saved.

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