How do I get started and activate my Broadband Voice account?

We’re withdrawing our Broadband Voice and Hosted VoIP services from 1st December 2017, but we’ve still got plenty of cloud-based business phone systems to choose from.

  1. Ensure your Broadband Voice Service is up and running.
  2. Connect the IP phone as advised in its user guide, connecting the Ethernet cable into the LAN socket on the IP phone and any of the free Ethernet sockets on the back of your BT Business Hub.
  3. On your IP phone, red lights will flash while the phone provisions your service (this
    will take approximately 2 minutes). Once this has taken place your phone will display 'Broadband Voice' and you'll be ready to make calls.

If your Broadband service is not working at all, please see, I cannot connect to Broadband .


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