What wireless adapters are supported by the BT Business Hub?

The short answer is almost all of them! Any wireless adapter currently on sale (including those at BT Business Direct) should work with any of our BT Business Hubs. The same goes for any adapter you might have lying around gathering dust.

That said the speed and strength of your wireless connection will depend on which adapter you get. We've copied below the main flavours wireless strength comes in and which hub you'll need to take advantage of them.

  • 802.11ac (1.3 Gbps) - None yet
  • 801.11n (450Mbps) - BT Business Hub 3
  • 802.11g (54Mbps) - BT Business Hub 2

N.B. if you've got a faster adapter than your hub can support such as a 8022.11ac adapter for a Business Hub 3 it'll still work but you'll only get 802.11n not 802.11ac.


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