Call Waiting tells you when other callers are trying to get through. You will hear a discreet beep when someone is waiting to connect while you're on the phone. You can choose whether or not to take the call.

To switch on:

  1. Press * key.
  2. Enter 43.
  3. Press # key.

To speak to caller waiting to connect:

  1. Wait for beep.
  2. Press Recall.

To return to initial caller/called party:

  1. Press Recall.
  2. When you've finished, simply hang up.

To check it's on:

  1. Press # while holding down *.
  2. Press 43.
  3. Press #.

To switch off:

  1. Press #.
  2. Press 43.
  3. Press #.


Call Waiting is not compatible with Internet Call Waiting.

Further information

For information on the complete range of calling features, please view the

pdf logo   Calling Features user guide (PDF 91KB)

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