Choose to Refuse lets you block incoming calls from up to 10 nominated numbers.

To order Choose to Refuse, you'll need to call us - you'll find contact information on our sales pages. We can start the service on your line and give you your PIN. Then just follow these simple steps to set up barring:

To bar the last call you answered

  1. From your phone dial 14258
  2. Press * twice

To bar other numbers at any time

  1. From your phone dial 14258
  2. When prompted enter your PIN
  3. Choose to Refuse will then ask you to select one of the following:

    • Set up your barred number list or add a number to it
      Make sure you include the area STD code before UK numbers and press '*' at the end of the number

    • Review the barred number list or delete numbers from it
      You can check or edit your list at any time. Choose to Refuse will tell you the numbers and the date when you set up the bar on them.

    • Change your PIN
      Try to pick a PIN that is hard for someone to guess. We don't allow obvious PINs like 5678 and 2222.

Some calls from international destinations can't be barred as we don't always receive the number from the overseas network that the call originated from.

See the BT Price List for up to date pricing.


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