Anonymous Call Rejection Instructions

Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR) is a network calling feature that enables you to block incoming calls from callers that have withheld their number.

Please note: These instructions will only work if you have the Anonymous Call Rejection service on your line. If you need further information, you can either look at our phone services pages or give us a call if you need to place an order. Just click on Contact us on the right of this page.

To switch on

  1. Press '*' key.
  2. Enter '227'.
  3. Press '#' key.

To check it's on

  1. Press '#' while holding down '*'.
  2. Press '227'.
  3. Press '#'.

To switch off

  1. Press '#'.
  2. Press '227'.
  3. Press '#'.


If you use a pulse phone, Anonymous Call Rejection can only be provided permanently and you will not be able to cancel or check the status of the service.

Anonymous Call Rejection blocks incoming calls from all callers that have withheld their number. The caller will receive the following announcement if they call a line with ACR active: 'The person you are calling is not accepting anonymous calls, please re-dial without withholding your number'.

The message is played once before the call is cut off and the caller hears the tone meaning ‘Number Unobtainable’. The caller will not be charged for the blocked call and the customer being called will not be aware of the incoming call.

Further information

pdf logo   Calling Features user guide (PDF 91KB)

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