Switching to BT from another ISP

Please note: This article accompanies Domain transfer after switching to BT from another ISP.

How do I switch from a third party provider to BT Business Broadband?

Switching to BT Business Broadband couldn't be easier. Just place your order online at our Switch to BT Business Broadband page.

Alternatively if you need to speak to an advisor then you can do so by using the Contact us details to the right of this page.

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How do I switch from Residential BT Broadband to BT Business Broadband?

To switch from BT Residential BT Business Broadband, simply place your order online at our Switch to BT Business Broadband page, selecting BT Consumer from the ISP provider list.

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How long will my transfer to BT Business Broadband take?

There is a minimum of ten working days after placing your BT Business Broadband order for the migration to take place. Until that time you will continue to have broadband service from your existing supplier. On the date of activation, you will experience up to 30 minutes downtime (but only if you are attempting to access the internet during the migration process).

If you need to extend this transfer date, please Contact us using the details to the right of this page.

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Will my old modem or router be compatible?

All BT Business Broadband products comply with the ADSL standard ITU-T G.992.1 (G.DMT). If you wish to keep your existing modem please inform our agent when ordering. We recommend that you opt for one of the BT routers to ensure that you maximise your broadband experience.

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Can I transfer email addresses from my current ISP to BT?

This is dependent on your current ISP. You will need to find out from them if you are able to bring your email addresses with you. When you join us we will provide you with an email address. Of course, a lot of your business contacts will know your current email address so it may be worth setting up email forwarding. To find out how we forward email, please view this article on our help site. Your current ISP will probably have a similar method of forwarding email.

If your email address uses your own domain name (i.e. you@yourbusiness.co.uk) this can easily be moved to BT. For more information, please visit our domain names article.

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Can I transfer my current static IP address from my current ISP to BT?

No, it is not possible to bring your static IP address with you, however, you can order a static IP when you order BT Business Broadband.

Once static IP has been ordered it is configured for your broadband account. It then becomes available automatically upon activation of your BT Business Broadband account. The required details are provided in your welcome letter and email.

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How can I track my order?

Please view How do I check the progress of my broadband order? for information on how to track your order.

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How do I log on to Business Broadband?

Once your service has been successfully activated you will receive a confirmation email. Following this you will receive an email confirming your primary email password and network login password and directions on how to log on to BT Business Broadband.

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How will I be billed?

You will receive one quarterly bill for all your internet services. This will be separate from your telephone bill.

The first bill will cover the period from activation date to the end of the first quarter. From then onwards you will receive a quarterly bill.

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