Your paper bill explained

Here's a quick explanation of the different information you'll find on your paper bill.
Have a look at our example bill to see the type of layout you can expect to see.

Account number
This is shown at the top right hand side of your bill. You’ll need it when you contact us about your account and when you want to set up services on your online account. We use this information to know that you are you!
If you’re still unsure, our article on account number formats could help.

Bill reference
This is the unique ID for the bill. Use it when you want to query a bill or register for an online account.

Bill issue date
The date when we produced your bill.

Billing name and address
The name and address we currently have registered for your account.

This bill is for
Shows the services we’re billing you for and will give the detail of any line or service numbers.

BT Business bill
This identifies the bill as your businesses bill for products and services from BT. Underneath here, you’ll clearly see how much is owed or if your account is in credit. If you do need to pay, there’s a date given by when your payment much reach us.

Paying your bill
On the left hand side, you’ll see the date when you need to pay your bill. You’ll also find details of all the ways you can pay and a payment slip at the bottom of the page, if you need it.

Contacting BT
If you need to get in touch, there’s contact information for our helpdesks on the right hand side of the page.

Summary of charges
The Summary of charges will show as either quarterly or monthly, depending on how you’ve chosen to be billed. You’ll be able to see all your charges at a glance, with more detailed information available further down the bill.

Cost of calls
Shows the total cost of your calls for the billing period.

This lists any deductions we've taken from the bill due to any discounts that you enjoy.

Regular charges
These are fixed charges for your service, such as line rental, plus any additional services like Calling Features or a package price.

One-off charges and credits
Lists charges for products or services that you've ordered that have just a one-off payment, like a connection charge, for instance. We’ll also show any single credits we make to you here.

You’ll see the total for your bill not including VAT, as well as the total with VAT.  Detailed VAT charges can be found further down your bill.

Total of this bill
Shows you exactly how much this bill is for.

Summary of charges for this account
Here you’ll find the costs for this bill, plus anything outstanding from previous bills or anything you might have paid since the last bill.

Please pay now
Shows the total amount outstanding on your account for the billing period.

Your VAT summary

VAT Summary and VAT Calculation
This page is dedicated to VAT information and details the costs for VAT and how they’ve been calculated.

Important information
On the right hand side of the page, you’ll see details of Your VAT invoice number, BT VAT registration number and Tax point, which you’ll need for accounting purposes.

Your charges in detail

We’ll show different services separately with the following detail and total cost:

Regular charges
These are advance charges for your fixed services.
Usage charges
This will show any detail of things like call charges or broadband usage costs.
Other account related charges
This will detail any other costs associated with your account
One-off charges and credits
Lists charges for products or services that you've ordered that have just a one-off payment, like a connection charge, for instance. It’ll also show any charges raised for having a paper bill and any payment processing fees which apply if you don’t pay by Direct Debit.


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