What equipment do I need for ISDN2e?

Will I need to install any new hardware?

ISDN2e is a digital phone line providing two 64k channels to your office. A wide range of compatible equipment is available. The minimum requirement is a Terminal Adapter or ISDN PCI card.

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Will ISDN2e be compatible with my PC?

ISDN2e will work with most desktop PCs and Apple Macintosh computers provided they are either fitted with an ISDN PCI card or connected to a suitable Terminal Adapter. In either case, the connection must be correctly configured.

To use an Apple Mac with ISDN2e you will need a Mac-compatible ISDN PCI card or Terminal Adapter. You may also require additional software for dial-up applications such as internet access or remote access. Please consult your Apple Mac supplier for further details for your particular setup.

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When do I need a Terminal Adaptor?

One or more Terminal Adapters with analogue ports will be required if you want to use analogue phones, faxes, answering machines, etc. on your ISDN2e line.

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How do I connect my LANs using ISDN2e?

If you are connecting LANs (groups of PCs linked together by a hub device) together using ISDN2e you will need to connect the LANs to an ISDN device such as a router at each end of the ISDN2e line. If you are using a router, the WAN port should connect to the ISDN2e line and the U interface should connect to the hub device.

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When do I need a digital switch/PBX?

If you wish to distribute calls around the office and use facilities such as call transfer and call pick-up, you will need a digital PBX. These systems are also called ISPBXs, switches, switchboards or digital phone systems. You can buy them from the BT Business Store.

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How do I plug telephones into my ISDN2e?

An ISDN line is digital, so you can only plug digital phones directly into the RJ45 connector. An analogue device such as a conventional phone or fax machine requires an interface to convert the analogue signal to a digital signal. This could be a Terminal Adapter with ports for analogue equipment, or a PBX.

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How do I get extension wiring?

BT can install digital ('S' Bus) extension wiring for an additional charge. You can also buy DIY extension wiring kits from the BT Business Store. Cabling must be Category 5 compliant, conform to ISO/IEC 11801 and be fitted with RJ45 plugs.

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Can my ISDN2e wiring terminate with a BNC connector?

No, ISDN2e wiring must terminate with an RJ45 connector.

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I need to extend my ISDN wiring. What is the maximum distance and where can I find out more about digital extension wiring?

The maximum distance depends on how many pieces of equipment you attach. With only one piece of equipment, the extension can be up to 800 metres. With more than one, the maximum extension is 150 metres. Find out more about ISDN extension wiring.

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