What are ISDN30 and 30e. How do they work?

What is ISDN30/30e?

ISDN30 and ISDN30e are high-performance voice and data services for modern businesses with eight or more employees. Each ISDN30/30e connection provides 8-30 independent 64k channels. You can combine these for bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-quality video conferencing or transferring large data files. ISDN30/30e is ideal for wide-area networks linking two or more offices. The following is a list of the advantages of using the service:

  • Connections are almost instant.
  • Voice communications with other ISDN users are crystal clear.
  • You can send and receive calls to all telephone subscribers, whether they use digital or analogue equipment.
  • Data transfer is fast and error free.
  • There is a wide range of compatible equipment, giving you access to the latest digital technology.
  • You can provide your staff with individual DDI numbers.
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Is ISDN30/30e available in my area?

ISDN30/30e is supported by most local exchanges. However, a site survey is performed for every new order. If ISDN30 is not enabled at an exchange, BT can enable it, though this is charged as an additional installation cost. Find out all you need to know and how to order by going to our ISDN30 product page.

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What lines does ISDN30/30e use?

A single high-quality ISDN30/30e connection has between eight and thirty 64k channels. In normal operation you use these separately. This allows simultaneous calls over each channel. You can add further connections to your installation, to increase the number of simultaneous calls and/or available data bandwidth.

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What devices can I use with ISDN30/30e?

With ISDN30/30e you have a choice of feature-rich digital switch/PBX equipment, available from BT and other suppliers. There is a wide range of digital devices, including telephones, fax machines and ISDN cards for computers.

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How many telephone numbers can I have with ISDN30/30e?

You can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers, allowing customers and business contacts to dial directly through to staff members, without passing through a switchboard.

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What applications can I use with ISDN30/30e?

You can use ISDN for voice calls and for high-quality data links with other ISDN subscribers. Digital connections are often used for transferring large files securely, for video-conferencing and for linking Local Area Networks at different sites. You can make data calls to other countries that have ISDN services.

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How does internet connection work with ISDN30/30e?

ISDN offers fast internet access using an ISDN PCI card. If you are thinking of moving from an analogue telephone connection to ISDN, you should check that your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) supports ISDN access. You may be asked to dial in to a different number.

If ADSL is not yet available in your area, you can connect to the internet at 64kbps using one ISDN channel, or at 128kbps using two channels together. For further information please see 'What is channel bonding?' in Getting started with ISDN30/30e. Since each channel is a true 64k connection, you will find that even one channel performs significantly better than a 56k dial-up connection (for an analogue dial-up modem, 56k denotes the maximum speed possible, not the average connection speed).

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