I'm having problems with Caller Display

Is the facility switched on?

If you've ordered Caller Display check it's switched on by entering the code * # 234 #.

If it's active you'll get the message Caller identity will be displayed. If the facility isn't active then activate it using the code * 234 #.

Try replacing the telephone batteries as they could be flat

Remove your telephone from the socket, then remove the batteries, leave them out for 15 seconds and then replace.

If it's a cordless caller display telephone, switch the power off to the base station for 15 seconds and then switch the power back on.

The next incoming call will reactivate the Caller Display service.

Disconnect other equipment

Try the Caller Display phone/unit on its own in the main socket by disconnecting all other equipment such as extension leads, Sky Digital adapters and computers.

Check that the Caller Display unit is not beside a cordless telephone. All Caller Display equipment must be at least 1 meter away.

Are you using the correct equipment?

Check that your equipment supports Caller Display, as not all telephones with a LCD Display are compatible. You will need to check the phone user guide or check with your supplier.

If the Caller Display is still not working, please report a fault online or just click on Contact us on the right of this page.

If you rent your telephone from us and believe it to be the cause of the fault, please contact us and we will arrange for a new telephone to be delivered to you. You can also buy telephones from us:

Online at the BT Business Shop or just call us.


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