Enables you to bar calls to certain classes of number from your line.

You can bar:

  • all calls (except the #341* access code)
  • international calls
  • national and mobile calls
  • local calls
  • calls to access codes (except #345*).

Please note: national and mobile calls are always barred together, that is, either both are barred or neither are barred. Access code barring does not include barring the access codes to check the barring status.

To activate barring dial the appropriate access code from below:

  • *341# all calls (except the #341* access code)
  • *342# national, international and mobile calls
  • *343# international calls
  • *345# calls to access codes (except #345*).

An announcement confirms the activation.

To deactivate, redial the required access code from above.

An announcement will prompt you to enter your PIN code (see PIN Change).

A further announcement confirms the deactivation.

To check the barring status, dial the access code *#34#.

An announcement lists the classes of numbers that are barred.

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