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Reminder/Alarm Call

Reminder Calls enable you to be called at a specified time of day and within one minute of the preset time. If the reminder isn't answered, the Broadband Voice switch will retry later.

Reminder Calls can be for an individual reminder or regular reminders. Individual reminders are made once in the 24 hours after the reminder was set up. Regular reminders can be made many times according to the configured repeat option.

The options are every Monday (1), Tuesday (2) ....... to every Sunday (7); or every weekday (8) and every day (9).

Reminder Call access codes are:

  • enable an individual reminder *55*
  • disable all individual reminders #55#
  • disable one individual reminder #55*
  • check individual reminders *#55#
  • enable a regular reminder *56*
  • disable all regular reminders #56#
  • disable one regular reminder #56*
  • check regular reminders *#56#.

To enable a regular Reminder Call:

  1. Dial the access code.
  2. An announcement will prompt you to dial the desired time followed by *.
  3. An announcement will prompt you to dial the repeat option code 1 - 9 (see above) followed by #.
  4. An announcement confirms the reminder is set, giving the option to cancel.
  5. To enable an individual reminder, the time is followed by # (not*) and no repeat code is requested.
  6. To disable all reminders or check individual or regular reminders, dial the appropriate access code and you will hear an announcement.
  7. To disable one individual or regular reminder, dial the appropriate access code then proceed as described for enabling reminders.

For more information, including pricing, visit our premium calling feature pages.

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