I have a website with another company. How do I transfer it to BT Business?

Most sites can be easily transferred but there can be two issues you should be aware of:

  • If it was built using a bespoke tool like our EasySiteWizard Professional you may not be able to edit your site after it's transferred.
  • Some site builders such as Joomla & WordPress will have different settings for every server.

If you're not sure check with your existing provider who should be able to give you the information you'll need to transfer your site.

To transfer your website from another supplier to BT:

  1. Backup your website (you'll need a copy to upload to our servers).
  2. If you've not got a web hosting package already you'll need to order the required hosting package. We recommend BT Advanced Web hosting as this package has the widest range of features.
  3. Once you've activated your web space you'll then be ready to upload your existing website to the BT hosting area.

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