Can I have multiple websites using the same hosting account?

Yes though they'll all be on the same domain name. A good example is that you could have your main website at and an online ship in a sub-site at

You can create multiple websites with different domains by using forwarding rules to point additional domains at sub folders within your web space.

Please note this can have a detrimental impact on the search engine rankings for your secondary site. Therefore, we'd recommend purchasing an additional hosting package for each website required.

Setting up multiple websites with different domains

  1. Open the BT Website Centre  or an FTP client.
  2. Create a new folder in within the /public folder. For example, /public/newfolder would be accessible via:

    • for your free web space.
    • for hosting accounts. 

      If you wish to host a site within this space, you should ensure that the folder contains a file named Index.html.
  3. Use the domain repointing features in the BT Domains Centre  to point your second domain name at the address.

    For further information, please see How can I redirect my domain name to another URL?

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