How can I make savings on my BT bill?

There are two very easy ways to make your bill cheaper:

  1. Pay by Direct Debit - this will save you £72 a year for each account
  2. Switch to paper-free bills - save up to £96 a year for each account

1. Pay by Direct Debit

We charge a Payment Processing Fee for bills not paid by Direct Debit.

  • Does not apply to initial, supplementary, and final bills
  • £6 a month for each bill (or £18 a quarter, if you pay quarterly)

    If you have more than one account and don't want to pay by Direct Debit, you can consolidate your bills into a single BT OneBill so you only pay the fee on one bill rather than paying multiple fees for multiple bills.

Avoid the fee by switching to Direct Debit now.

2. Switch to paper-free

We charge a Paper Bill Fee for customers who receive paper bills.

  • £4 for a summary bill (your total spend for that billing period, plus a VAT breakdown)
  • £8 for an itemised bill (including full details of the calls made on your bill)

Find out how to change to paper-free billing now.


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