How do you protect against unauthorised access?

Remote Access Pack uses several methods to help you prevent unauthorised access to your computer. Although Remote Access Pack has built-in protection features, by far the best protection is simply not to give out your user name, password or computer access code password.

  • Inactivity access code prompt

    If you are logged in but the service does not detect any activity on your computer for an extended period of time, you are disconnected and prompted to log back in with your access code password.

    To set the period of time before disconnection, right-click on the MYPC icon in the system tray, select Preferences and then the Security tab.
  • Prominent notification when computer is being accessed

    Whenever a computer running Remote Access Pack is accessed remotely, a notice will appear on the screen. This prevents unauthorized parties from connecting to your computer without you being aware of it.
  • Notification of last access

    Upon login, you will be notified of your last login at the top of your My Computers page. This way you are assured that no unauthorized access has taken place.
  • Sessions log

    You have access to a log of your sessions on your My Accounts page.

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