We’re withdrawing our Broadband Voice and Hosted VoIP services from 1st December 2017, but we’ve still got plenty of cloud-based business phone systems to choose from.

BT Hosted VoIP is a BT Broadband Voice service for multi line telephone systems, using a BT Broadband connection.

  • It allows you up to eight voice lines and 10 associated telephone numbers per broadband connection, up to 50 in total.
  • Each of the eight phones are provided with an 056 number to which you can also assign a geographic number if required.

The two extra telephone numbers give you:

  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN), this is a telephone number which, when called, is directed to multiple lines.
  • Multi Line Hunt Group (MLHG) number, this lets you direct incoming calls to a selection of available lines in sequence.

This is useful if you are setting up a call centre or help desk.

You can manage the business group and line settings for your BT Hosted VoIP online via the VoIP Portal

If haven't used the VoIP Portal before, see How do I log in to the VoIP Portal?


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