We’re withdrawing our Broadband Voice and Hosted VoIP services from 1st December 2017, but we’ve still got plenty of cloud-based business phone systems to choose from.

Follow the numbered steps below to set up your BT Hosted VoIP service.

Have your line details and password to hand for step 3. These were sent in your confirmation email, after you ordered your BT Hosted VoIP service.

To set up your BT Hosted VoIP service:

  1. Using the cable supplied, connect the BT Business Hub to your telephone socket via an ADSL microfilter.
  2. You can plug up to two analogue phones, into voice ports one and two of the BT Business Hub, if required.
  3. Log into the VoIP Portal.
  4. Select the Configure your equipment link. This will configure the two analogue phone lines on your BT Business Hub.
  5. Using Ethernet cables lets you add three IP telephones into the first three Ethernet sockets of your BT Business Hub.

If you are using more than three IP phones:

  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect an Ethernet switch to port 4 of the BT Business Hub.
  • Plug up to three more IP telephones into its Ethernet switch output sockets.

An automatic set up takes place, when you turn on for the first time after this initial set up. A flashing red light will appear on the IP phones and when it stops, they will be ready for use.


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