Using No Network Address Translation (No NAT)

No Network Address Translation (No NAT) allows you to have more than one computer visible on the internet. A No NAT IP range comes with 5 static IP addresses addresses that can be assigned to separate computers.

The No NAT range of IPs are delivered based on your username and password and via a separate dynamic IP address.

Note: the dynamic IP address assigned with No NAT acts as a carrier address for connection to the internet. Once connected, the static addresses can be assigned to your network devices and can provide them with fixed public IP addresses.

No NAT is suitable if your computer needs to be visible to other internet users, for example, if you plan to:

  • Host a website on your own computer.
  • Host an email server or file server on your own computer.
  • Set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between your company’s offices.
  • Use certain conferencing applications.

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