We're always keen to hear from our customers. That's why we've got several ways for you to contact us (it's up to you: just choose whichever method you prefer).

First though, a question: are you a BT Business customer or a residential customer?

Residential customers

You're currently on the BT Business website so if you're after information for residential customers you need to take a look at our BT.com residential website.

BT Business customers

If you want to contact us about BT Business:

  1. Go to Help and contact.
  2. Choose the product or service you need help with.
  3. Click the Contact tab.
  4. Under 'Contact us about…' select the product or service you're contacting us about.
  5. Finally, choose the option which best fits your reason for getting in touch - 'Orders'; 'Faults'; 'Billing' etc.

Here you'll find the right number or email address for whoever you need to contact (depending on what you want to talk about). Or you may be able to start a Live Chat.


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Chat online, call or email us.

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