What is BT Business Broadband Desktop Help?

What it does
Our business Broadband Desktop Help is an app that sits on your PC, spots problems with your broadband, and helps you fix them.  We ’re sorry but it’s not available for Mac, Windows 8 or Internet Explorer 11 users.

It will -

  • Analyse your computer and equipment
  • Walk you through the fix process
  • Automatically re-test your connection
  • Give you a helpdesk number if you need to call us

BT Broadband Desktop Help gathers information from your computer automatically so if you need to call the helpdesk, our advisors can diagnose the problem quickly.

It doesn't affect the day-to-day running of your computer. It works in the background, checking your system and alerting you only if it finds a problem.
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It’s free
The software is free to all BT Business broadband and email customers.
Download business BT Broadband Desktop Help

The business and home versions are different!
You ’re looking at the FAQ for the business version of our Broadband Desktop Help. It’s different to the home version.

If you ’re a home customer, you need to take a look at the home BT Broadband Desktop Help


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