When not in range of a wi-fi network and roaming abroad, you can connect to the BT 3G GPRS network.

Before you start, your laptop needs to have a BT 3G/GPRS mobile data card. Please ensure that the card is inserted and switched on.

To connect to the BT 3G/GPRS network:

  1. Open BT Access Manager.
  2. Click on the On the move iconbutton.
  3. Click on the BT 3G/GPRS iconbutton.
  4. Click on the button in the centre of the main BT Access Manager dialog:

    Central button

    The BT 3G/GPRS connection is complete. The main BT Access Manager dialog indicates that the application is connected to the selected network, the amount of time connected and the current connection status.

    Note: The BT 3G network is used by default. However, if it is unavailable, BT Access Manager automatically uses the BT GPRS network.
  5. When you have finished with the connection, click on the Disconnect button.

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