I'm having problems logging in with my
BT Wi-fi username or password

There are 2 ways of logging in to BT Wi-fi:-

  • If you signed up to BT Broadband after 10th October 2011 you'll be able to access BT Wi-fi using your BT Connect email address and password i.e. joebloggs@btconnect.com

    Details were provided in you're welcome email. If you've forgotten them or can't find the original email use forgotten your password to retrieve your details.
  • If you signed up to BT Broadband before 10th October 2011 you'll have been sent an unlimited voucher with password details for access to wi-fi.

    Your username will contain numbers, something similar to Username: 987654321

    If you can't find the voucher you'll need a new one so please get in touch. Find our contact details by clicking the 'Contact us' link on this page.


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