When and how do I get my BT Wi-fi voucher?

If you signed up to BT Broadband before the 10th October 2011, an email was sent to either the preferred email address you provided when placing your order or to your primary email address.

This email contains a link for you to get your BT Wi-fi voucher and also explains how to log in and how to use your BT Wi-fi inclusive minutes. If you've lost this voucher, you'll need to click the contact us link on this page and get in touch with us.

Your username will contain numbers, something similar to; Username: 987654321

If you signed up to BT Broadband after the 10th October 2011 you don't need a voucher to start using BT Wi-fi. Simply log on at any BT Wi-fi hotspot using your BT connect email and password i.e. joe.bloggs@btconnect.com.

If you've forgotten your details you can find these in your welcome email. If you don't have access to the welcome email use forgotten your password to retrieve your details.


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