BT eShop is designed to make building and maintaining an online shop as easy as possible. To view your store front, click on the Go To Shop button. To administrate your eShop, click the Admin Page button.

There are three ways to link your domain name to your eShop. The following buttons help you to connect your domain to your eShop:

  • Link Shop to Website

    Click on this button if your domain goes to your website and you want a link from that website to your shop.
  • Point Domain to Shop

    Click on this button if you want your domain to go directly to your shop.
  • Fix eShop Domain Issue

    Click on this button if you view your store front, the domain starts with and you want BT to reconfigure your eShop to work with your selected domain.

There are many possible ways of using your domain with your eShop, depending on your hosting package and set-up. For further information on using your eShop with your domain, please see the following:


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