Why am I getting a warning page informing me that my Broadband access has been temporarily revoked?

The reason you can only access this web page is that BT have discovered a security issue with one or more computers connected to your Broadband service. As a result, BT had to put a restriction on your broadband in order to protect your system and other Internet users.

What exactly is the problem?

BT have detected an extremely high volume of emails being sent via your broadband connection (most likely over 100,000) in the past 24 hours. It is BT’s suspicion that this is not legitimate but is the result of a virus or some other type of malware threat which has infected your computer.

How can I fix the problem?

BT suggest that you follow the links provided on the warning page and perform a virus scan on all the computers using this Broadband connection. You may also wish to run your own anti-virus software.

BT also recommend running the firewall test to check whether your firewall is compromised in any way. Your firewall is the first line of defence against threats from the Internet so it is important to ensure it is secure.

If you are running Microsoft Vista or any Microsoft server technology, BT strongly recommend that you run Automatic Updates to apply the latest security updates.

Isn't it a bit drastic to remove my Internet access because of a virus?

Threats from the Internet are becoming more and more prevalent. Many threats are in the form of malware, designed to steal sensitive information from your systems. For example, a key logger records everything you press and passes this information on to third parties for criminal purposes.

BT feel it is their duty to protect you and your business from the potential impact of such threats so have automatically limited your connectivity until the issue can be resolved.

I have carried out the checks you requested and resolved the problem. Can I have my access back now?

Yes, please contact BT on 0845 603 6711 to resume access to your service. This can take up to three hours, although it is normally much quicker.

What steps can I take to avoid this happening again?

Ensure that you have anti-virus software running on all systems and that it is kept up-to-date with the latest definitions. Perform a full virus scan on all your computers at least once a week.

Also, ensure that there is firewall technology in place, either by using a dedicated firewall protecting all of your machines or by installing one firewall on each computer.

Finally, ensure that you keep your operating systems protected with the latest security updates. If you use Microsoft technology, you can do this by running Automatic Updates.

The free Desktop Help tool identifies problems with your broadband, email or wi-fi connection and provides suggestions on quick fixes. For further information and to download Desktop Help, please see 'Desktop Help' - the quick fix download .

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