Guide to BT Cloud Voice

How do I configure wallboards?

We currently use two separate platforms to host our Cloud Voice service. We're in the process of moving everyone to the new platform. Unfortunately, Wallboard isn't currently available on the new platform. 

You can tell if you're on the new platform by dialling 1571 from your BT Cloud Voice Phone. If you get through to your voicemail, you're on the new platform and, unfortunately, Wallboard is not available to you. 

If you're on the old platform and want Wallboard, follow these instructions to set it up.

You can monitor and display real time and recent call centre and agent statistics with the BT Cloud Voice Wallboard feature.

You can add this to any existing or new ‘Call Center’.

How do I set up a Wallboard for new or existing ‘Call Centers’?

  • If you're setting up a new ‘Call Center’ you’ll need to go to Sites >> Features >> Call Centers
  • See the Call Center Administration Guide in the Support Centre for details

    Setting up wallboard

  • For an existing ‘Call Center’ go to Sites >> Dashboard and select your ‘Call Center’

    Setting up wallboard

  • Scroll down to the ‘Feature Packages’ section
    • Tick the ‘Wallboard Optional Add-On’ checkbox to add the Wallboard to the ‘Call Center’ then follow the on-screen prompts
    • Un-tick the ‘Wallboard Optional Add-On’ checkbox to remove it

Setting up wallboard


How do I access a Wallboard?

  1. Go to
  2. Login using the Call Center ID and password

    You can see and configure these on the  Call Center Profile page on the Cloud Voice portal.

Setting up wallboard